This is a source code for a content based application. It might be a app as this sample or whatever else you might like to try.

The app is .nib based, no +ads included. It has a where you can find a search and favorites option.

The data is stored in a .plist file: testData.plist. There you can edit the images and the text for your content.

The app has a that contains the main categories. When tapping on a category it expands the items from that category. When tapping on another category, it expands the items from that category while closing the first category. The expanding tableview makes the navigation easier without the need to go into another screen for eash sub category.

On the detail page for an item, there is a scrollview and a menu on the bottom that is used to add items to favorites or to go to the side menu. Also on the detail page there is an action button that opens a sharing sheet by: E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Message. You can also print the items you want. And there is a system that&;s really useful.

The items from this source code are just for demo purpose so you might find recipes that are not in the right category. You will have to adjust the number or items for each category according to your needs.