BabiCMS &; Builder allows you to create a unique website with drag &8211; drop, without installation, 3 with more than 100 templates available, more than 50 widgets available, manage your photo galleries and creating your pages by simply drag &8211; drop, save your draft, publish your pages, follow your satistics visits and sharing on social networks. Your website is generated instantly and fully customizable.

– No SQL database.
– Installation by a simple ftp transfer.
– Create unlimited pages.
– Galleries unlimited photos, location management with drag &8211; drop.
– Design Bootstrap 3.
– Management of pages with drag &8211; drop.
– Management menu by drag &8211; drop, auto page detection, automatic creation of items.
– Blog and management of integrated blog.
– Statitstiques visits.
– Statitstiques sharing on social networks.
+ 50 widgets available.
+ 300 backgrounds pre-installed.
+ 100 templates pre-installed.
+ 80 parallax pre-installed.
– Simple Slider and 3D.
– 3 Styles photos galleries.

And many more &;

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